Flash Cards
By Robert John Meehan

Flash cards flash cards
Hidden under my bed
Lest my mom drills me
Till I fall over dead

Addition Subtraction
What are all these facts
They don't seem to thrill me
Like feeding my rats

Take-a-ways and pluses
They're all just the same
Just a teacher's evil plan
to drive me insane

I can't seem to add
Without fingers to count
Who's ever to know
If they never find out

I'll never subtract
If it has to be
Cause no one I know
Takes a thing from me

So what if I answer
A single card right
Learning the rest
Would be too hard a fight

Math and arithmetic
Shouldn't ought to be
A young boy's mind
Should always be free

I've got places to go
And friends to see
No flash cards tonight
School ends at three

My mom just told me
A firm warning to be
Do flash cards tonight
Or there's no TV

Perhaps to my mother
I'll just pretend
Not finding my flash cards
Till too near the end

Or perhaps I'll reply
"I left them at school"
Hoping again
My mother to fool

As my mother walks
Towards me
It's too plain to see
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